The great tragedy of science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.—Thomas H. Huxley

Welcome to Compass Rose Technologies. We provide software development services and custom software applications for clients worldwide.

Software Development

Engraving from C Gesner, The Practice of the New and Old Physicke, London, 1599.

Compass Rose Technologies creates new custom software for clients around the world, utilizing a broad set of platforms and environments to develop unique technology solutions for our customers. We work with you for the full development lifecycle, from establishing client goals, requirement analysis, coding, testing, and system deployment.

Custom Application Development

The Compass Rose Technologies team will collaborate with you on your project from conceptualization through implementation. Our experience encompasses all areas of computer systems development and we can design your custom application using well-established technologies and programming techniques. We design for efficiency, in both code maintenance and performance, so you can be assured of a robust and flexible custom application.

Our custom software development strategy utilizes a number of technologies from Microsoft .NET to platform-independent, open-source technologies such as Java. We select the best mechanisms, models, and technologies to suit a client’s individual project and budget. We encourage our people to constantly update their skill base and we make it a top priority not to lock ourselves (or our customers) into a specific platform or technology. Your project will get the personalized attention it deserves by experts who are up to the challenge.

Quality: Foresight and Attention to Detail

The practice of many software development companies is to concentrate on completing all features and functionality of a product first, and only then to begin testing and debugging. This is just asking for trouble. We believe that the best time to test a product feature is when it is being added, and the best time to find a bug is to anticipate what can go wrong in an application and simulate scenarios where errors could occur. We have a strict policy against inappropriately trapping errors—where errors are not correctly handled but are still kept hidden from the user—because such practices can quickly lead to run-away bug counts.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, and we’re convinced that it’s this value that allows us to deliver a reliable and robust product—even before the formal quality assurance phase begins.

Our Specialties

Enterprise Solutions

We excel at helping organizations both large and small secure and manage their information. Our background in providing enterprise solutions means that you can expect a robust, scalable, and high-performance application that solves your enterprise needs.

Database Solutions

We specialize in scalable, high-performance database applications. We can assess your database needs, and suggest a database solution that fits your requirements and budget. We can then design a relational database and user interface to your exact specifications.

Server Applications

From standard Windows services to UNIX daemon server programs, we know the proper way to build stand-alone server applications. All the servers we design are fully multi-threaded, as they should be. Whenever possible, we also employ connection pooling, a technique used for efficiently sharing server resources among requesting clients, for both database and non-database resources.

Hardware Integration / Low-Level Programming

Engraving from C Gesner, The Practice of the New and Old Physicke, London, 1599.

Does your custom application require specialized functionality or have unusual requirements? Do you need custom hardware, or are you looking to build an application that can control or communicate with your existing equipment? We are up to the challenge. At Compass Rose Technologies, we don’t shy away from low-level or system programming, we look forward to it!

We have experience in the following areas:

  • Writing interfaces for browser-based and terminal-based wireless devices
  • Interfacing with and controlling laboratory and manufacturing equipment
  • Developing, building, and managing data-logging and data-aquisition systems
  • Building and programming microcontroller-based devices
  • Bar-coding and scanning applications
  • Custom home automation applications (X-10, etc.)
  • Multi-threaded applications
  • Designing communication software based on proprietary protocols
  • Low-level TCP/IP and sockets programming
  • Low-level I/O programming (serial, parallel, USB, etc.)

Software Re-Engineering

As your business needs change, so will your software needs. Do your existing software systems no longer correctly model your business processes, or rely on proprietary and outdated technology? Do you need to add new functional modules, or enhance the user interface? Compass Rose Technologies can re-factor or re-engineer your existing application—using both forward and reverse engineering techniques—so you can accomplish what you need while leveraging your current investment.

Scientific Programming / Numerical Analysis

We have experience in writing software applications that model scientific processes, conduct mathematical simulations, and perform data reduction and error analysis in the physical sciences. You can trust us to pay attention to the precision and accuracy of mathematical results, and not to arbitrarily introduce roundoff errors. Our people have the mathematical and scientific background to understand the difference.

Whatever your custom software needs, Compass Rose Technologies can deliver! Contact us and let us know what your requirements are. For more information about what we can offer you, write to

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