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Database Solutions

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Here at Compass Rose Technologies, we have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of database technology. We can provide database solutions for most major platforms and operating systems. Of utmost importance in our strategy are data security, integrity, and extensibility so you can be sure that any database solution we provide will be suited to your particular needs, including such goals as performance and cost-effectiveness.

Our Methodology

Many development firms focus on designing the front-end of an application first, and the back-end last—we believe this is backwards! We always concentrate on your information first. After all, your information is your business.

Available technologies allow most applications to be developed without concern for which database platform is being used for the back-end. Technologies like Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) introduce a level of abstraction between the data being accessed and the platform the data resides upon. While this is desirable, and allows flexibility in the choice of platform, it isn’t always the best choice for every customer and every application. Even when such technologies are used, it is often still desirable to tune an application to a specific database platform in order to maximize performance. We will help you achieve the best compromise between flexibility and performance for your situation.

Database Platforms We Can Employ


Oracle® Corporation is the number one developer of database management systems (DBMS) software in the world, and delivered the first commercial relational database in 1979, and the first database using the Structured Query Language (SQL) technology.

Oracle development is our specialty! Our knowledge of Oracle is extensive; we have been working with Oracle consistently for over 10 years. We have people who are masters of PL/SQL development, Oracle’s procedural language extension to SQL used for building business logic in the database (triggers, procedures, etc). Oracle is the database we enjoy working with the most (for aesthetic reasons), but we realize an Oracle-based solution would be overkill for many small businesses.

SQL Server

Microsoft® SQL Server is Microsoft’s version of an enterprise-level DBMS. It is routinely used by businesses for small- to medium-sized databases, and has achieved some success in the enterprise database market. SQL Server can be a good choice if you’re migrating your database from Microsoft® Access, or if your organization is already heavily invested in Microsoft technologies.

We are proficient in working with SQL Server databases, including building business logic using Transact-SQL, Microsoft’s version of a procedural language

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, and more!

We don’t lock ourselves into a single database technology; we realize that the needs of our customers differ, and there is more to selecting a database than the requirements of a single software application. The platform that is right for you depends on many factors such as your budget, your existing hardware, and your ability to administer the database. Open source solutions like MySQL or PostgreSQL, and less costly databases such as Access are often the best choice. We will use the platform that makes the most sense for your unique situation.

Database Conversion & Migration

Has your database grown too large and complex to run efficiently on its current platform? Are you ready to combine many standalone databases into a single integrated solution? Is your product currently dependent on a specific database platform, and you want it to run on an entirely different platform, or on multiple platforms simultaneously?

Our database conversion and migration services are your solution. Data migration can be complex and risky, but our highly qualified people are up to the task. Our expertise in products from multiple database vendors ensures we can convert your data while maintaining the highest respect for your data’s integrity and security.

Your information is in good hands at Compass Rose Technologies! Contact us and let us know what your requirements are. For more information about our solutions, write to

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